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After being granted a patent for the shiffter, we’ve had a fair bit of media interest. That’s probably because people like the idea of a cleaning a toilet without a brush. We’ve appeared on the radio and on consumer and business websites. News coverage is always useful – the media wouldn’t be interested in covering something unless it was of value to its audience.

We haven’t linked to it all (below), as much of it has been in printed newspapers, but it did lead to more visits to the website and consequently more feedback. More on that soon. We’ll have much more publicity in the near future once we launch the product, but here are a few links (with logos, to look pretty). It’s great to get coverage for a product that doesn’t exist yet – that just reinforces the fact that there is a huge demand for brushless toilet cleaning!

If you like listening to the radio, it’s worth a listen to the interview below with BBC Radio Gloucestershire; it’s only a couple of minutes long. And don’t forget to check out the podcast interview with Pete from Get Flushed for a longer listen.

Here’s the interview with Radio Gloucestershire and a few more bits


BBC Radio Gloucestershire

An interview on the Mark Cummings show on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. Drag the slider over to 1hr 54minutes for the interview, although they mention the shiffter throughout, in news bulletins.

Stroud Times logo

Stroud Times

The above interview with the BBC took place following some coverage on local news website Stroud Times.

Punchline logo

Punchline Magazine

The above interview with the BBC took place following some coverage on local news website Stroud Times.

Neozone logo


Great to get some international interest – after all, cleaning a toilet without a brush is an international issue!

And a few more bits from the press release that was sent out…

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