How to use a shiffter

The shiffter is a brushless and therefore hygienic alternative to the toilet brush. It simply uses water. Here’s a quick run down of how it works – from filling it up to using it.

You can also check out the advantages and disadvantages to show how it compares as a toilet brush alternative.

REMEMBER: The shiffter is about cleaning the toilet immediately after you have been to the loo. You clean as you go. It is not designed to remove ingrained stains during your weekly clean. And if you clean as you go, there won’t be any ingrained marks to remove anyway!

So, here’s how you use it…

Remove spout from shiffter (the top is now tethered to the Shiffter in the latest design – unlike in this illustration)


Fill it from the tap


Put the lid back on


Leave it next to your toilet, until you need it


When the time comes, after you’ve had your sit down. Instead of using a toilet brush to clean the grime off the toilet bowl, pick up your Shiffter and squirt it at the culprits – it literally takes seconds.


You should get five to seven uses out of it between refills, but be polite and fill it up for the next visitor – and that includes you, yes you, the one who never replaces the toilet roll and leaves the cardboard tube as a nasty surprise…


Leave bathroom with a guilt-free look on your face

guilt free

Another use for the shiffter is that you can use it to rinse the shower tray or bath. Aim, fire and wash any stray body hair down the plughole.

While we’ve approached the topic a little light-heartedly, it is a serious hygienic alternative to the toilet brush which should make life a little easier. The first shiffter will be available in white, but we’re looking at making it available in a range of colours (apart from brown!) to look good in your bathroom. We’re also looking at different finishes too.

The shiffter fits into most small cloakroom washbasins as well as regular sized ones – after all, it’s pretty useless if you can’t fill it up!

Shiffter tips

  • for tough shifftuations, just get a little closer…but not too close!
  • shifft AFTER flushing – don’t be hero! And don’t go in heavy handed when there’s a big job to deal with – be gentle!
  • having said that, if you know you’ll have to use it every time you’ve been, use your shiffter at the same time as flushing – this’ll work better and the water curtain from the flush will further contain any minimal splash back potential (Hmmm…was that ‘the science bit’?)
  • over time you’ll improve your technique too!
  • refill your shiffter after use (shiffter etiquette)
  • we still recommend that you occasionally use toilet cleaner or bleach around the bowl as the shiffter is really for cleaning up the mess rather than killing the germs you can’t see

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