Toilet brushes are a grime

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions, but if you have any more please complete the form on the ‘Get in touch’ page.

Q: Does it work?

A: Yes, it does! It’ll remove the poop remnants from the bowl. The fine jet comes out under decent pressure when squeezed. For extra cleaning power, which you might need once in a while, just fill it with hot water from the tap rather than rather than cold.

Q: Do I fill the Shiffter with bleach or cleaning products?

A: No – just use water. You could put a tiny bit of bleach in with the water but we wouldn’t recommend it as it could pose a safety risk to young children who may accidentally pick up the Shiffter. Remember, it sits next to your toilet, just where the toilet brush currently resides and isn’t locked away in a cupboard.

Q: Is it safe for children?

A: Yes. As you only fill the Shiffter with water it’s perfectly safe…and it can also be a fun way of getting your kids into cleaning the toilet and they’ll then go on to do forever. If you want to be scientific about it you can call it behavioural change!

Q: Can I stop using bleach and toilet cleaner?

A: Yes and no. The Shiffter allows the toilet user to clean off the remnants and grime immediately after they use it using just a jet of water. As it just uses water, it won’t kill germs and bacteria, so you should still run bleach or toilet cleaner around the bowl once in a while. The difference is you’ll no longer need to use a toilet brush…so you’ll miss out on the fun of being splashed with chemicals (and other things) and having a dirty brush next to your toilet.

Q: Does it clean under the water?

A: The Shiffter wasn’t originally designed to clean under the water line as its main aim is to clean the poop that you can see before the next visitor uses the loo. Having said that, in many cases it will – but every poop is different!

If you’re not bothered about cleaning under the water line immediately, the next flush will usually clear stains away as they’re not in contact with the air, but you can also use hot water (from the tap) to increase the cleaning power of your Shiffter – just get closer to the water when you shifft.

If it’s something that really bothers you, there’s always the Shiffter which includes a stand with storage space for toilet cleaner or bleach. If you’re worried about underwater marks, squirt it down the loo and leave it. That’ll do the job! (By the way, if you ever leave bleach in your toilet, it’s always worth leaving the bottle on top of the seat so that the next person who uses the toilet knows that it’s there so that they can give it a flush before they sit down.)

Q: How many uses can I get from the Shiffter before refilling it from the tap

A: You’ll probably get about three to five cleans from a full Shiffter although sometimes you may need to use a little more water….we think you get what we mean! But even if you need to fill it up, it only takes a few seconds. It’s quick and clean to use. (Seen the Shiffter demo? That demo uses chocolate spread. Real poop cleans away much more easily!)

Q: How do I fill the Shiffter with water?

A: Simply unscrew the top and fill it from the tap. It should fit the vast majority of basins, unless they are tiny and the taps/faucets sit really low. All washbasins and tap positions vary but we’ve designed and sized the Shiffter to fit most.

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