What’s a Shiffter?

In short, it’s the long-awaited replacement for the toilet brush.

Does anyone enjoy cleaning the toilet with a toilet brush? Without being too graphic, it’s a messy and unpleasant experience… and the sight of a used toilet brush sat next to the toilet can stay in your memory, for all the wrong reasons. This is where the Shiffter comes in. Essentially it’s a jet wash for the toilet.Shifter Solo2

It’s a specially designed, patent pending, squeezable bottle, which you fill with water and leave next to your toilet. After you’ve… how can we put this… got up from your seat, flushed and realised that the toilet bowl is still a little messy, instead of grabbing a toilet brush and chemicals, you simply point the Shiffter at the toilet bowl and give it a squeeze. This releases a controllable jet of water to wash the toilet clean. It’s a simple idea but it works – and let’s face it – many of the best ideas are simple!

Hang on! Isn’t it just a bottle?Shiffter in stand front

Nope – there’s more to it. It has two valves – a water and an air valve – which make it easy to use, drip free and much more effective than just a squeezy bottle. If you want to learn more about that just click here… but before you do that, scroll down this page a little and watch a demo of the Shiffter doing its stuff.

Does it work?

It’s not easy to show the Shiffter in a real world situation, as it may turn your stomach (excuse the irony) – so you’ll probably be quite relieved that the demo video below shows the Shiffter’s effectiveness using chocolate spread instead – and chocolate spread is really tough to shifft. It certainly shows that it will deal with the job!

Shiffter in storage stand backShiffter in storage stand frontBut there’s a further dimension to the Shiffter – once in production a chunk of the profits (10% once things take off) will go to related causes – and that could be substantial. Check out the good causes page to find our more.