Hmmm. Maybe I’ll use this photo on my dating profile…

Hello! My name is Kam Mistry and I’m the inventor of the shiffter… and currently the world’s poorest philanthropist. Throughout the website I use the word ‘we’, however it’s just me – it sounds a little big-headed saying ‘I this’ and ‘I that’ etc.

Anyway, where are we with the shiffter? It isn’t available yet as I need to raise the funding to tweak the design and then go into production. The great news is that I have just been granted a patent so it should be all cisterns go (sorry) from now on! I’ve also had great feedback on the product, with 99% of those responding stating that they would buy one if it was available now and thousands of visits to the website from people searching for a product that doesn’t yet exist! That’s just the type of information that investors want to hear, so soon I’ll get the product out there to raise money for good causes and earn a living from it.

Thanks for your support. If you have any comments or want to get in touch, please complete the contact form.

Design in progress

Best wishes.