What do you think? Would you buy a shiffter?

Toilet brushes range in price from £1 for cheap ones to £20-£100 or more for a designer toilet brush. The cheap ones encourage plastic waste, as the low prices mean that they are treated as disposable items. If you have an expensive, designer toilet brush you still need to buy replacement toilet brush heads. The Shiffter is brushless, which means there is nothing to replace – so it’s better for the environment.

Unfortunately you can’t buy a Shiffter yet as we need to raise the funding to go into production. However, we have just been granted a patent so we’re now in a position to get on with it. We’d really appreciate your feedback on the suggested prices and any other comments you may have in the form below.

Shiffter in stand front
A basic Shiffter and stand will cost £15 – cheaper than a designer toilet brush.
Shiffter in storage stand back
The Shiffter with a bigger stand to store your toilet cleaner or bleach, will retail at £20.

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As mentioned, it’s not on sale just yet. We’re just raising funding to go into production. Even for a great product idea, it isn’t easy! We’ll post an update soon, but we’d appreciate your feedback.