Most hotels don’t have toilet brushes

Ever been to a hotel, used the toilet and wished there was a toilet brush? Most hotels don’t have them because they’re filthy, messy and unhygienic.

So what do you do?

You don’t want to leave the mess for anyone sharing your room to see and even though you’ll probably never meet the housekeeping team, you don’t want to leave a disgusting mess for them to deal with (unless you’re horrible!).

In this situation many of us will grab a huge amount of toilet roll, scrunch it up and wipe the bowl clean. It’s not really something you want to do, but what choice do you have?

This is where the shiffter comes in – it’s perfect for hotel and bed and breakfast bathrooms. It’s hygienic and clean so you can deal with the problem just by jet washing the bowl clean and you’re being nice to housekeeping too!

If you run a hotel or bed and breakfast and would like to make your guests’ stay better and help out your housekeeping team get in touch.

There are two versions available – the shiffter with the standard stand or the shiffter with a stand that has storage for toilet cleaner. For guest bedrooms you probably only need the standard version as it’s unlikely that you’ll be leaving toilet cleaner in the rooms.

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