What’s happening with the Shiffter?

Thanks for visiting. Here’s the latest update on the Shiffter. I started the project a few years ago as a genuine replacement for the toilet brush but had to put it on hold to focus on the day job to pay the mortgage. Let’s face it, most of us need to do that.

Coming soon!

I’ve had some great feedback on the product so the next thing to do is to raise the finances to go into production. As you can imagine, it takes a fair bit of money to get an invention off the ground and it isn’t easy. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be adding a donation page, an investor page and more importantly increasing the visibility of the website so that I can get valuable research on whether people think it is a good product and one which they are likely to buy.

I’ll also post a video on a ‘make-shifft’ shiffter so that you can improvise and achieve the same results in the absence of the genuine product…and it won’t cost you anything.

That’s all at the moment really, but if this is the first page you’ve come to, please do look at the rest of the site.

By the way, you may also notice another blog on this website. While the Shiffter is about literally cleaning up 💩, I’ve extended it as a metaphor to look at other issues in the world – hence the ‘Fix it‘ blog.

Thanks for taking a look and do share this page to spread the word.