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Coronavirus communications – mistakes we must learn from

The Covid-19 emergency is far from over. Effective communication is vital. This blog takes a look at some of the top level messaging and suggests how it needs to be addressed for the difficult months ahead of us

Why the Fix It blog?

Hello. I’m Kam Mistry. I’m not one for self-promotion, however, somewhat reluctantly, I’ve decided to put my head above the parapet (whatever one of those is) and start blogging. Why? Because I believe that we, by which I mean all of us, need to change our thinking… Do we really know right from wrong? We … Continue reading Why the Fix It blog?

What’s happening with the Shiffter?

Thanks for visiting. Here’s the latest update on the Shiffter. I started the project a few years ago as a genuine replacement for the toilet brush but had to put it on hold to focus on the day job to pay the mortgage. Let’s face it, most of us need to do that. I’ve had … Continue reading What’s happening with the Shiffter?