Advantages – Shiffter vs toilet brush

Using a Shiffter means that you simply jet wash the toilet clean after each use. This means that your poor old mum isn’t lumbered with having to put on the rubber gloves and scrub away with a brush and toilet cleaner. Here are a few obvious advantages, even when compared to expensive, designer toilet brushes:

Toilet brushes are unpleasant

  • It’s cleaner and more hygienic
  • You won’t get splattered with unpleasant stuff
  • No disgusting toilet brush sat by your toilet
  • No horrible dripping as you move your brush to and from the toilet

Even expensive toilet brushes have the same issues as cheap ones

  • Better for the environment as you’re using water to clean rather than squirting chemicals each time you need to shifft
  • No need to buy replacement brushes or brush heads once they get mucky – and we’re all aware of the need to reduce plastic waste
  • Save on water bills as you won’t need to panic flush
  • It’s quick – you can fill it up, use it and even refill the Shiffter in about 30 seconds
  • Guests using your bathroom can exit without worrying about what they’ve left behind
  • Dealing with ‘incidents’ straightaway means that the person who cleans your toilet won’t be lumbered with other people’s problems
  • Kids enjoy using it – who’d have thought that cleaning the toilet could be fun?
  • Shiffter can also be used at work – and let’s face it, that’s where it’s often needed. Get your facilities manager on the job! We can even provide corporate branded ones
  • Your purchase will raise money for good causes
  • And don’t forget, some people won’t even have toilet brushes in their homes as they think they’re too disgusting. When there isn’t a brush, people often scrunch up a few sheets of toilet roll and wipe the back of the bowl so that the next visitor won’t have to see anything they have left behind – the Shiffter solves this problem too! (Apologies for the detail – but it happens. And it’s a common problem in hotel rooms.)

Disadvantages – Shiffter vs toilet brush

  • The only one which springs immediately to mind is that you can’t use the Shiffter as an emergency, make-shift plunger if you’ve tried to flush down too much toilet paper!